100 years of Hair and Makeup

Blog Jul 05, 2020

In this article we are gonna take a brief dive into 100 years of hair and makeup trends and Which style was the major centre of attraction.

The 1920s

  • Women used to use loose powder for a matte finish.
  • Thin and smooth brows.
  • Red lipstick was in trend with ‘bee-sting pout’
  • Finger waves were the regular hairdo.
  • Chin length styles, it was a jazz age.

The 1930s

  • Pencil flimsy brows.
  • Metallic eyeshadows were increasingly cherished.
  • Prolonged lips with a ‘bow upper lip’.
  • The fairly fixed hairdo was progressively adored.

The 1940s

  • Thick arched eyebrows.
  • Light color shadows were preferred to match the natural color of the skin tone.
  • Cosmetic shortage during WW 2 meant a push for a natural look.
  • Red lipsticks were thought to keep up the spirits.
  • A style was patriotically named the victory rolls. Included twisting segments of hair up, away from the face, and protecting them with pins to make a cylinder-like impact.

The 1950s

  • Silver or light color eyeshadows made their way.
  • Winged eyeliner said a statement.
  • Red was still the lip color of choice, rounded pouts.
  • Very short cropped hairstyles were fashionable in the early 1950s.

The 1960s

  • Dark and feathery brows.
  • the 60s was all about the eyes.
  • Big eye lashes were in trend
  • Pink doll-like and nude lips were well known.
  • Bigger the hair, the better.

The 1970s

  • Women’s liberation had a huge impact.
  • A more natural, barely-there look became the basic norm.
  • Dark bushy brows.
  • Neutral eyeshadows.
  • Sunkissed fresh skin
  • Hairstyles were inspired by music icons like abba

The 1980s

  • The era of experimentation.
  • Bright color shadows.
  • Hairstyles were equally as out there.
  • Crimping and backcombing were hugely popular.
  • scrunchies were also there.

The 1990s

  • Hugely inspired by pop culture.
  • Skinny brows, inspired by celebs.
  • Popular eyeshadow colors were blue and lilac.
  • Brown lined lips were all over the rage.
  • Bands like spice girls inspired funky hairstyles.

The 2000s

  • Full covered foundation.
  • Glitter and highlights were common.
  • Celebs like Paris Hilton inspired new trends.
  • Tight end to end eyeliner.
  • Hair highlights.
  • The quiff or poof was a popular hairstyle.

The 2010s

  • Contouring made waves in 2010.
  • People were learning new techniques on the internet, like baking.
  • Warm smokey eyes were there.
  • Big oversized lips were popular.
  • Loose beachy waves were the hairstyle.

Tejaswini Singh

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