Design research methods

UI Design Jan 25, 2021

The most effective technique to use while designing is research. Now there are several different methods of research, which we will learn here, but before that we need to understand what research or design research exactly means. Research is the systematic investigation and structured collection of existing material to help and support our process.

Lets begin with the understanding of different research methods.

1.Primary and Secondary research methods.

2. Qualitative and Quantitative research methods.

3. Generative and Evaluate research

4. Market research

It is human behavior towards a market based economy. It is the research to understand how humans interact with goods and services.

Example — 1. What colors are we drawn towards?

2. Do we like this advertisement?

3. Are we ready for the new version of the product?

Market research talks on the context of being a consumer. Primary goal is to connect the consumer to products, services or experiences through design and visual elements.

In this there are two categories -

  1. Demographic study — Collection of quantitative data representing groups of people or market segments. It can define cultural, economical, and social characteristics. This data is used to give context.
  2. Psychographic study — Collection of qualitative data representing subjective beliefs, opinions, lifestyle preferences etc,.

5. Ethnographic Research

“Methods used to understand the connection between human behavior and culture”.

It is a qualitative research method, Helps to study behavior and reason behavior. Empathy here is the key method. It helps to uncover why something is happening.

Tejaswini Singh

Tejaswini is a design student and passionate Product Designer who loves designing delightful experiences.