What is communication and Why is it Important?

Blog Nov 16, 2020

What do you think communication is? How would you define it?

Communication is known as the act of conveying information to people which is easily understood. It can be any form that is mutually understood.it has been part of the human race since, from the very beginning. It started with symbols carved on the cave walls by cavemen. There are 4 basic communication skills that allow people to convey and receive the message. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Facets of Communication





Process –

Communication usually involves the sender or the communicator and the recipient. both should share a mutually understood code. Example, language. The context of code is sent in a medium like oral, written, or nonverbal. The message then travels through a channel like air, mikes, body, etc. The code isn’t just confined to language, however, it could likewise be anything outfits, signals, hues, and so forth. Everything in this world is having significance and conveying a message.

However, at times, the message may neglect to deliver the ideal reaction, because of certain barriers.

These sorts of obstructions are known as noise. it could be a channel noise or semantic noise.

The channel noises include mechanical failures, volume issues, pitch, etc. But the semantic noises include the grammatical errors and are generated internally which is an error in the message in itself.

The transmission of the receiver’s response is called feedback. it is very important for successful communication. the sender needs to know the receiver has got the correct message. Communication is fully effective only when you get the desired response.

Example — A car company wants to tell about their new launched car

  • The source — In this, the ultimate idea is to attract customers of the desired target audience and increase sales.
  • Medium — Advertisements
  • Channel — Roadside banners, tv commercials, personal messages.
  • Feedback — Now interested people will visit showrooms to analyze the product. this will be considered as feedback. this will tell that the advertisements are attracting an audience.

Here the communication is partially successful, when people will start buying the product and sales go up then we will say that communication was a full success.


1. It helps to increase productivity and results

2. Enhancing relations

3. Sharing ideas

4. Learn new things

5. Better understanding

6. Helps to fulfill a goal

7. Expressing thoughts, ideas, and feelings

8. Spreading awareness

Tejaswini Singh

Tejaswini is a design student and passionate Product Designer who loves designing delightful experiences.