Sustainable competitive advantage

Blog Oct 24, 2020

When discussing business, competitive advantage alludes to the variables or traits that permit an offered organization to create more moderate or more excellent services or products.

  1. What Is Competitive Advantage?

· A competitive advantage is the thing that makes an element’s merchandise or administrations better than the entirety of a client’s other choices . While the term is commonly used for businesses, the strategies work for any organisation, country, or individual in a competitive environment.

2. How Competitive Advantage Works

To make a competitive advantage, you’ve got to be clear about these three determinants.

What is the genuine advantage your item gives? It must be something that your clients really need. It should likewise offer genuine worth. You should know your item’s highlights, its points of interest, and how they advantage your clients. You should stay up to date on the new patterns that influence your item which incorporates new innovation.

For instance, Newspapers were delayed to react to the accessibility of free news on the web. They figured individuals would keep on paying for news conveyed on paper once per day.

· Decide Your Target Market

Who are your clients? What are their needs? You must know precisely who purchases from you and how you can improve their life. That’s how you create demand, the driver of all monetary development. Newspapers’ objective market shrank to those more seasoned individuals who weren’t open to getting their news on the web.

· Recognize Your Competitors

Have you recognized your real rivals? They aren’t simply comparable organizations or items. They additionally incorporate whatever else your client could do to address the issue you can satisfy. Newspapers thought their opposition was different newspapers until they understood it was the web. They didn’t have the foggiest idea how to contend with a news supplier that was moment and free.

· Identify Your Competitors

Have you identified your real competitors? They aren’t just similar companies or products. They also include anything else your customer could do to meet the need you can fulfill. Newspapers thought their competition was other newspapers until they realized it was the internet. They didn’t know how to compete with a news provider that was instant and free.

3 .Sustainable competitive advantages

Sustainable competitive advantages are organization resources, qualities, or capacities that are hard to copy or surpass; and give a better or good long-haul position over contenders.

three essential ways organizations accomplish a maintainable preferred position: cost leadership, differentiation, and cost focus.

· Cost Leadership

Cost authority implies organizations give sensible incentive at a lower cost. Firms do this by ceaselessly improving operational productivity.

· Differentiation

Differentiation implies organizations convey preferable advantages over any other individual. A firm can accomplish separation by giving a one of a kind or top-notch product

· Cost Focus

Focus means the organization’s chiefs comprehend and administration their objective market better than any other person. They either use cost initiative or separation to do that.


When it comes to the quote “Given the realities of today’s

economy and the rapid changes occurring in business technology, all competitive advantages are short lived. There is no such thing as a sustainable competitive advantage that lasts over the long term”. Yes, there a numerous change occurring in the world of business technology today indeed. However, that does not necessarily mean that every advantage is necessarily short lived.

With the rapidly increasing amount of technology on the market today, it seems as if products, strategies, or whatever else you may be using in your business, is here today, and gone tomorrow. In other words, it’s the newest coolest best thing available at the time, but it quickly is surpassed by something newer and “better.” However, it isn’t necessarily all about that. Yes, those technological advances may help your operations run smoother or get customers in the door, but there is one thing that many big companies overlook today, and that is customer relations.

Yes, it may sound old fashioned, but believe it or not, building a solid relationship with your customers, whether that be by meeting their every need, doing a good job without cutting corners, or whatever else comes to mind, as a consumer, it is truly hard to find an honest company. So, when a customer finds on and forms a relationship with a company that is honest, and straight forward, they tend to stick around. This is no new strategy; it is one that has been around since the dawn of time. People tend to stick with people they trust.

So, in conclusion, no, I do not think that the statement “Given the realities of today’s economy and the rapid changes occurring in business technology, all competitive advantages are short lived. There is no such thing as a sustainable competitive advantage that lasts over the long term” statement stands true in all cases. It is a really interesting quote; it just is relative.

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