God made people however we made hues!

Blog Jul 25, 2020

A lot is going on around the globe at this moment, viruses, deaths, economic breakdown, etc. However, there is a thing that springs up in my mind that is colorism or shadeism, sometimes called shadism or racism.
Darks and Whites live nearby to one another and still possess separate universes. Yet, why white methods harmony and virtue while dark methods riddle and dimness?
God made people however, we made hues, races, nations, and so forth. It is us who made various implications for various things. Our skin color never decides whether we are pure and kind-hearted or unpure and evil.
Just because you are white doesn’t mean that you are pure and a peaceful person. You can similarly be naughty malevolence and dull. Many gods were dark in color that doesn’t mean you’ll stop praying to them. Because if black being black is being bad then probably you are praying to bad and evil. We all are the children of God when the ominous entity does not discriminate between us, then who are we to do so.

Our deed, our choices throughout everyday life, our method of taking care of circumstances choose whether we are positive or negative. People say black is their favorite color. People will wear it almost every day, but when it comes to black people they will judge them as without any second thought. We people need to change our mentality. We simply can not close human instinct over the clarification of non-materialistic things. Hues have a solid effect, be that as it may, one should keep it aside on account of people. We wear distinctive shading outfits, it speaks to us, picking hues for apparel is in our grasp, yet skin shading isn’t. This is life, you are not beautiful, Just your age is beautiful. It doesn’t matter how you look and whats your skin color because everything will change with age. You are not fat, slim, small, ugly, black, or white. You are you and that’s important.

Tejaswini Singh

Tejaswini is a design student and passionate Product Designer who loves designing delightful experiences.