Basics 05

Blog Apr 17, 2021

So here I am with a series of chapters, in which I am going to tell you about the basics of composition and layout, photography, typography, etc. This series will surely give an idea to the beginners what they are stepping into and what basics they must know. This series will have Six chapters. I hope you are going to like it.

Chapter 5: Image file formats

It is a standardized way to encode art graphics and photos digitally.

  • Vector graphics - These are the graphics which uses math to display images. They can be enlarged without loosing quality and are essential for the cross platform usage. i.e, Billboards, Business cars, etc.
  1. EPS - Encapsulated post script. It is a resizable file. Due to its high quality, it is commonly used with print elements as logos.

2. AI - Adobe illustrator document. It is developed by adobe systems to represent single page vector design.

3. PDF - Portable document format developed by adobe, universally downloaded and viewed.

  • Raster graphics - These graphics are composed of pixels on a grid, where each pixel is assigned a color value. They are resolution dependent, which means that images can not be enlarged without degrading their quality.
  1. JPEG - Joint photographic expert group. It load very quickly. Unlike GIF these are not transparent. Mostly used format in Raster graphic category. These have automatic white background.
  2. PNG - Portable network graphics. This is a web based format that does not lose quality. PNG's were created to improve GIF quality. Unlike JPEG's these don not have a background i.e, these have transparent background.
  3. TIFF - Tagged image file format. Common for exchanging images between App. TIFF's have higher quality in comparison to PNG and JPEG.
  4. PSD - Photoshop Document. This is created in Adobe photoshop, and it is compressed.
  5. GIF - Graphics interchange format. This supports animation and transparency. It can only display Up-to 256 colors. It is pronounced as 'JIF'.

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